Beijing: A 15-year-old LGBT Centre in Beijing has stopped its operation without even stating the reason behind it. more
Apple Watch Pride Edition celebrates the LGBTQ+ community

New York: Celebrating the ongoing movement to protect and advance equality for LGBTQ+ communities around the world, Apple is introducing a new Pride Edition Sport Band accompanied by a ma ...

UN rights experts condemn Uganda’s ‘egregious’ anti-LGBT legislation

New York: Making homosexuality punishable by death is an egregious violation of human rights, independent UN Human Rights Council-appointed experts said on Wednesday, urging Uganda’ ...

Ugandan Parliament passes bill which criminalizes identifying as LGBTQ

Kampala: The Ugandan Parliament has passed a bill that would criminalise people who identify themselves as LGBTQ+, among other things, media reports said.

Pakistan: First transgender news anchor escapes gun attack in Lahore

Islamabad: Pakistan's first transgender news anchor and journalist Marvia Malik on Thursday survived a gun attack in Lahore.

Cambodia positioned to fully integrate LGBT people into society, UN expert says

New York: Cambodia is poised to make strides towards the full social integration of gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, protecting them from violence and discrimination, a UN-ap ...

US: Congress passes bill on same-sex marriage

Washington: The US Congress approved a bill on same-sex marriage and sent it to the White House.

Journalist claims he was denied entry into stadium by security staff for wearing rainbow t-shirt

Doha: A journalist has claimed he was denied entry into the stadium by security staff as he was wearing a rainbow t-shirt when USA was playing World Cup opener against Wales.

Iran: UN experts demand stay of execution for two women LGBT rights activists

New York: Iran must immediately stay the executions of two womensentenced to death for supporting the human rights of lesbian, gay,bisexual, trans and gender-diverse (LGBT) people, a larg ...

Bros: Hollywood awaits release of first gay rom-com

Nicholas Stoller's LGBTQ romantic comedy film, Bros, which is set to release in the United States of America on September 30, 2022, is the first movie to feature an all openly LGBTQ c ...