Several Afghan refugees, who have returned to the country from Iran, have complained of mistreatment by the country's military. more
Engagement key to reform of Taliban decrees restricting women’s rights

The international community must continue to engage with Taliban leaders in Afghanistan despite deep disagreement with their approach to women’s rights and inclusive governance, the ...

Afghanistan consul general in Karachi alleges Pakistani police are continuing to detain refugees

Afghanistan's consul general in Karachi has alleged that hundreds of Afghan refugees have been detained in Pakistan in the past 15 years.

UN report says Taliban rulers of Afghanistan committed 1600 cases of human rights violations in past 19 months

The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has released a report that said it has documented over 1600 cases of human rights violations committed by Afghanistan’s Taliban auth ...

Taliban urged to uphold Afghan girls’ right to education

The international community must ensure that every girl in Afghanistan has an opportunity to learn, the head of the UN fund for education in emergencies said on Monday – the second ...

Afghanistan: Female Youtuber killed in Kabul, confirms Taliban

A female Youtuber has been killed in Afghanistan's Kabul city, the Taliban confirmed on Thursday.

Rights experts denounce idea of ‘reformed’ Taliban two years after return to power

New York: More than 30 independent UN human rights experts have called for the international community to recommit to support the people of Afghanistan, in a statement issued on Monday ma ...

Human Rights Watch criticises Taliban for denying rights to women, girls for past two years

Taliban authorities have tightened their extreme restrictions on the rights of women and girls and on the media since taking took control of Afghanistan on August 15, 2021, Human Rights W ...

More than 2.5 million Afghan immigrants are currently in Pakistan: Envoy

The Afghan consul in Karachi, Abdul Jabar Takhari, has said over 2.5 million Afghan immigrants are currently staying in Pakistan.

Afghanistan: Taliban officials flog four people in Kabul over alleged crimes

Taliban-ruled Afghanistan's Supreme Court has announced that four people, including a woman, were publicly flogged for allegedly being accused of committing “immorality” i ...