Several Afghan refugees, who have returned to the country from Iran, have complained of mistreatment by the country's military. more
Iran urged to end new rights clampdown following teenage girl’s death

Iran must end policies and practices “which amount to total impunity for acts of gender persecution against women and girls”, a group of experts appointed by the UN Human Righ ...

Iran: Draft hijab law tantamount to ‘gender apartheid’ say rights experts

A group of UN Human Rights Council-appointed experts expressed their grave concern on Friday over a new draft law in Iran sanctioning new punishments for women and girls who fail to wear ...

Record executions, large-scale arrests and detentions: New Iran human rights report

New York: The latest UN report on the human rights situation in Iran paints a grim picture of a record number of executions in 2022, arrests of thousands of children and numerous allegati ...

UN rights experts ‘deeply alarmed’ at continuing executions of Iran protesters

New York: The UN Human Rights Council-appointed panel of independent experts examining the Iranian Government’s response to protests that erupted there last November, has said that ...

Iran: Two women attacked with yogurt, arrested for not wearing hijab

Tehran: At least two women were arrested in Iran after being attacked with yogurt for suspectedly not wearing a head cover in the public.

Iran: possible crimes against humanity, absence of accountability - top rights expert

New York: “The most serious human rights violations in the Islamic Republic of Iran over the past four decades” have been committed since the death in police custody of Jina M ...

Poisoning of girl students: Iran authorities arrest over 100 suspects

Iranian authorities have arrested more than 100 people in connection with the recent suspected poisoning of girl students across the country, local media reports said.

Iran: Minister says poisoning of schoolgirls in Qom was 'intentional'

Tehran: Iran's deputy minister has revealed that the serial poisoning of female students in the religious city of Qom and other cities was 'intentional'.

Iran: US sanctions violating human rights of all living there, say UN experts

New York: US sanctions on Iran are resulting in harm to the country’s environment and preventing everyone there - including migrants and Afghan refugees - from fully enjoying their ...