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Ukraine: UN official ‘utterly outraged’ by brutal attack in Kherson

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Ukraine: UN official ‘utterly outraged’ by brutal attack in Kherson Ukraine

Photo Caption: UN Ukraine

The top UN humanitarian official in Ukraine has condemned deadly Russian shelling in the southern city of Kherson on Monday.

Dozens of civilians were killed and injured, including a two-month-old girl who was hospitalized for her injuries.

A hospital and an ambulance were reportedly struck, with two healthcare workers and a patient reported to be among the injured.

Civilians pay the price

Denise Brown, UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Ukraine, issued a statement saying she was “utterly outraged and profoundly disturbed” by the brutal attacks.

“Over the last day, civilians in the front-line city of Kherson continued to pay the highest price due to incessant brutal attacks. In some parts of eastern and southern Ukraine, including Kherson, services have been decimated, with not even half of hospitals or clinics remaining functional,” she said.

Brown noted that since the escalation of the war in February 2022, the World Health Organization (WHO) has verified over 1,300 attacks on healthcare in Ukraine, accounting for more than half of all such attacks worldwide over this period.

End ‘relentless attacks’

“These relentless attacks from the Russian Federation must come to an end,” she said. “Each innocent life claimed by the invasion of Ukraine stands as a harrowing testament to the sheer brutality of this war.”

She underscored that health facilities, health workers and civilians have special protection under international humanitarian law and attacking them is a grave violation.