Logistics Manager


Organization Name: Pierre Fabre Foundation
Location: Central African Republic
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Start Date: 20 Nov 2023, 04:45 am
Closing Date: 01 Dec 2023, 12:00 am


The Pierre Fabre Foundation (FPF) is a foundation recognized as a Public Utility by decree of the Council of State dated April 6, 1999. Its mission is to enable the populations of the least developed countries and those of emerging countries in the world, as well as to populations exceptionally plunged into serious crisis situations, of political, economic and/or natural origin, to access, both in quality and in volume, care and more especially commonly used medicines defined in particular by the WHO as essential to human health.


Mission area context:

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked country, bordering Cameroon, Chad, Sudan, South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Congo Brazzaville. Despite its natural wealth, it is among the poorest nations in the world (188th [1] out of 189 countries according to the HDI, Human Development Index). The life expectancy of Central Africans is 54 years [2] . The country has 4.9 million inhabitants [3] including 600,000 in Bangui, its capital. The official languages are French and Sango and the main religions are Animism, Christianity and Islam. The security context is very volatile and humanitarian needs are far from being covered.

The CAR has been plagued by conflict for almost twenty years. Since 2012, the country has experienced one of the most serious political and security crises in its history. If the Khartoum agreements, signed on February 6, 2019, should contribute to strengthening the construction of peace in the Central African Republic, the political and security situation remains very critical.

In this context, gender-based violence must be the subject of particular attention. They manifest themselves in different forms, including sexual violence. If the victims of sexual violence linked to the conflict are numerous, the impunity surrounding the commission of these crimes and the decay of social structures (family, community, etc.) suggest an increased risk of sexual violence in the years to come.

Presentation of the project to establish a holistic care center [4] for victims of sexual violence and gender-based violence in Bangui:

On November 28, 2019, the French Development Agency and the Pierre Fabre Foundation signed, in the presence of Dr Denis Mukwege, Nobel Peace Prize winner, a financing agreement in order to set up a holistic care center for victims of sexual and gender-based violence in Bangui in the Central African Republic. This model, initiated by Dr. Mukwege and internationally recognized, makes it possible to treat victims of sexual and gender-based violence and to help them rebuild their lives in a sustainable way, thanks to the possibility of having access to medical, psychological, socio-economic and legal care.

Since its opening in March 2020, this program entitled Nengo (“dignity” in Sango language) allows victims of sexual violence and gender-based violence, from Bangui and the provinces, to access quality care, according to a pathway coordinated, supported and complete, thanks to the establishment of a “One Stop Center” (OSC) located within the Friendship Hospital and the Association of Women Lawyers of Central Africa (AFJC ) in Bangui. This project also contributes to the prevention of sexual and gender-based violence in the country. Facilitated by four international partners who form a consortium (Pierre Fabre Foundation, leader in charge in particular of the good coordination of admin, financial, log and security support functions, Mukwege Foundation, Panzi Foundation, Francophone Institute for Justice and Democracy) , it is based on a transfer of south-south skills between Congolese actors and Central African actors. The project will also strengthen the capacities of a public hospital as well as a recognized local association, two structures which are already referral centers for victims of sexual and gender-based violence.

To meet the significant needs in Bangui and the provinces, the Nengo project , considered a benchmark project for holistic care in Bangui, has strengthened its activities and human resources since 2022 and is beginning to deploy in the provinces through the implementation of a mobile holistic unit, depending on the evolution of the security situation in the country. It is in this context that the Pierre Fabre Foundation is seeking to recruit a Project Logistics Manager whose main role will be to pilot the various logistical aspects of the mission, manage the logistics team and participate in monitoring security procedures, while helping to minimize operational costs through optimal utilization of Project resources.


Logistics management

• Define the objectives of your department and ensure planning in conjunction with the coordination team;
• Ensure the implementation of logistics procedures by training and supervising teams;
• Ensure compliance by all with the application of procedures through rigorous monitoring;
• Ensure the proper use and monitoring of logistics tools and means at the best cost;
• Ensure the drafting of weekly logistics reports (monitoring activities of material and drug stocks, quotes and TORs, team movements, etc.);
• Provide significant support for the conduct of the various project activities.
Sizing of logistics needs

• Actively participate in the definition and planning (monthly and annual) of logistical needs and their concretization into activities, in support of each pillar of the project and in accordance with the budgets allocated to said activities;
• Propose reorientation strategies if necessary with its expertise, and if necessary, support the intervention of a national or international specialist;
• Translate the identified technical and logistical needs into objectives, priorities and resources necessary for their successful realization.
Sourcing (international and local)

• Plan the mission's purchases based on a procurement plan;
• Ensure compliance with purchasing procedures and train teams in the procedures;
• Ensure the supervision of regular and rigorous monitoring of stocks and the quality of weekly reporting;
• Guarantee the security of stocks in conjunction with the security and access manager;
• Ensure the planning and organization of the transport of supplies of medical and non-medical equipment, transport, communications, water and fuel, kits, in compliance with standards, protocols and import procedures, as well as purchasing procedures published by the consortium;
• Ensure the archiving of land purchase files;
• Guarantee obtaining import authorizations and customs clearances;
• Ensure that price lists and suppliers are updated;
• Supervise contracting with suppliers and the development of framework contracts.
Human resources: team management

• Manage his team, to which he delegates general tasks through written documents (position objectives) which will set specific or contextual objectives, if the project activity requires it and with which he will evaluate his team;
• Implement the organization's HR policies and related processes (recruitment, training, briefing/debriefing, performance evaluation, potential detection, professional development of staff and internal communication) within their department and contribute to updating them and improve in conjunction with the HR department;
• Guarantee the logistics department an adequate number of people who are sufficiently trained to carry out the activities for which it is responsible;
• Lead logistics team meetings;
• Ensure technical reference for all questions of logistical and technical support in the mission and provide appropriate supervision to logistics staff.
Professional and living spaces

Ensure the equipment and maintenance of the office as well as the equipment and maintenance of accommodation;
Fleet management

• Guarantee the project a sufficient number of vehicles and their rigorous maintenance to allow the implementation of activities in complete safety;
• Ensure that vehicles have on board all the necessary equipment to deal with road accidents and emergency repairs (first aid kits, small mechanical kits, etc.).
Management of the budget allocated to logistics expenses

• Contribute to the good financial management of the project by following the budget lines allocated to logistics in order to control expenses.
Communication and IT equipment

• Ensure supervision for the proper use and maintenance of IT (computers, software, backup, etc.) and communications equipment (satellite phones, HF/VHF radios, computers, etc.) and possible interconnection.
Biomedical equipment

• Ensure that all mission personnel have received adequate training on the use of biomedical equipment used and available in the project. Ensure the proper installation and maintenance of biomedical equipment.
Security :

• Contribute to the daily monitoring of the application of security rules, ensuring that you collaborate and inform the security manager of any action or questions related to team security;
• Guarantee, in collaboration with the security manager, compliance with security standards (constitution and monitoring of medical and food security trunks, layout and equipment of safe rooms, safety of electrical installations, storage places, equipment to fight against fires, passive safety, etc.).
Project representation

• Represent the NENGO project in meetings with authorities and other NGOs on questions relating to logistics or of a technical nature relating to logistics and support for the activities for which it is responsible (participation in the logistics cluster in particular).
These missions are likely to evolve depending on the context and needs of the project.



• Proven experience as a logistics manager (minimum 5 years) within an NGO as part of emergency/humanitarian response projects or medical projects;
• Knowledge of hospital hygiene – Appreciation for hospital logistics – Repeated experience in external medical activities;
• Work experience in Central Africa desired.
Qualifications of the candidate:

• Sense of organization and teamwork;
• Sens do service ;
• Leadership ;
• Managerial quality;
• Ability to work under pressure, independently, in an intercultural environment and in a volatile security context;
• Ability to implement and supervise the application of procedures;
• Mastery of common software (Word, Excel, Power Point);
• Excellent relational and communication skills;
• Patience and ability to transmit knowledge.

• Perfect command of French (oral and written);
• Fluency in a local language is appreciated.

Mission location : Bangui and intervention areas in the hinterland to be defined as part of the establishment of the mobile holistic unit.

Management :

Under the hierarchical responsibility of the general coordinator and in close collaboration with the coordination team, in particular the security and access manager;
Will have direct hierarchical responsibility for the drivers, the security teams (base, Guesthouse, accommodation house), the purchasing manager, the base logistician assistant, and the storage logistician assistant;
Support the person in charge of carrying out the work if necessary.
REMAINING DURATION OF THE PROJECT : 1.5 years (estimated end in the first half of 2025)

DURATION OF CONTRACT : 12-month fixed-term contract (renewable)


• Mission which falls within a constrained framework taking into account the security context;

• Unaccompanied post.

ACCOMMODATION: Cohabitation with the project team in a guesthouse


Passport with a validity of more than 6 months at the time of planned departure;
Up-to-date vaccination record / ability to travel;
Mandatory medical examination before taking up the post.

[2] INED estimation 2021

[3] INED estimation 2021

[4] Panzi's holistic model, initiated by Dr Mukwege (Nobel Peace Prize 2018) and his team, aims to provide complete care for the person, their needs and the way in which these different factors interact. influence each other. It is structured around four pillars, which meet the essential healing needs of the victim and their empowerment: medical, psychological, legal, socio-economic pillars.

How to apply
To apply, please send us your CV and a cover letter before Friday December 1, 2023 to with the reference “RESP LOG RCA” in the subject.

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