UN humanitarian teams scrambled to get lifesaving aid to communities devastated by deadly flash floods in northeastern Afghanistan over the weekend. more
Study says air pollution and depression linked with heart disease deaths in middle-aged adults, study suggests

A study in more than 3,000 US counties, with 315 million residents, has suggested that air pollution is linked with stress and depression, putting under-65-year-olds at increased risk of ...

Starlink satellites under a lot of pressure due to powerful solar storm which hit Earth, says Elon Musk

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk on Saturday said his Starlink satellites are under a 'lot of pressure' due to the powerful solar storm which has hit the Earth.

UN agency warns extreme heat, hurricanes, droughts is ravaging Latin America and Caribbean

2023 saw another climate record tumble, with Latin America and the Caribbean registering their hottest ever recorded temperatures, according to the UN’s weather monitoring agency.

Scientists warn April 2024 was the hottest on record

The world endured the hottest April month this year, as per data revealed by the European Union’s climate monitoring service Copernicus.

Rapidly warming Indian Ocean hurtling towards near-permanent marine heatwave state

Marine heatwaves are events where ocean temperatures rise to extreme levels and hold steady for at least five days. These heat waves, that occur over the ocean, are likely to extend to 22 ...

UN official urge swift action to tackle El-Nino-induced extreme weather

Top UN officials called on Monday for swift action to combat the El Niño extreme weather events that are currently devastating southern Africa and other regions with flooding and d ...

Conservation actions are effective at halting and reversing biodiversity loss, new study finds

A new study published online on Thursday (April 25,2024)  in the scientific journal Science provides the strongest evidence to date that not only is nature conservation successful, b ...

UN officials launch global campaign to combat climate emergency

Top UN officials launched a fresh global campaign to tackle the climate emergency on Tuesday, with social media influencers, Indigenous leaders and corporate giants showing what they&rsqu ...

Asia hit hardest by climate change and extreme weather, says WMO report

Asia remained the world’s most disaster-affected region in 2023 due to weather, climate and water-related hazards. Storms and floods have hit the hardest, a new report published by ...