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Beijing/Dhaka: A top foreign policy analyst feels that the macro-economic management policy of Bangladesh is prudent enough to avoid China's debt trap. more
Despite pandemic, Bangladesh will be major apparel supplier: Study

Notwithstanding the uncertainty triggered by the Covid 19 pandemic, Bangladesh will remain a principal source of apparels in the coming months, The Daily Star reported quoting a new study ...

Geopolitical experts believe Bangladesh's economic growth will soon make it a bridge between South, South-East Asia

Geo-politics experts Sanjay Pulipaka and Mohit Musaddi feel that the economic progress of Bangladesh will make it a bridge between South and South-East Asia.

COVID-19: Bangladesh keeps growth rolling despite pandemic owing to timely plans spelled out by PM Hasina

Dhaka: While the invisible enemy Coronavirus slowed down the shuttle of the global economy, Bangladesh kept its growth rolling and accelerating amid the disaster owing to the timely plans ...

Globally Bangladesh is a model for poverty reduction: World Bank

Dhaka: The World Bank reiterated its commitment to help Bangladesh sustain high economic growth, as the World Bank Vice President for South Asia, Hartwig Schafer concluded a three-day vis ...