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Afghanistan's acting Defence Minister Mawlawi Mohammad Yaqoob Mujahid has criticised the Pakistani government's decision to expel Afghan nationals and said the neighbouring country should consider the consequences of such actions. more
Iran urged to end new rights clampdown following teenage girl’s death

Iran must end policies and practices “which amount to total impunity for acts of gender persecution against women and girls”, a group of experts appointed by the UN Human Righ ...

Pakistan: Schools teaching Afghanistani children shutting down amid deportation fear

Schools in Pakistan, which were teaching Afghanistan children, have started to shut down as families go into hiding to avoid deportation before the looming deadline set by Islamabad.

Amazon, DoorDash, Walmart, trapping workers in poverty, says UN poverty expert

A UN poverty expert called on the CEOs of Amazon, DoorDash and Walmart on Tuesday to address allegations that wages at the US-based corporations are trapping workers in poverty, forcing t ...

Taiwanese artists fighting hard to counter Chinese bullying

 Music in Taiwan today is not just for ears but has also become a medium to express right to freedom.

Toll of Israel-Palestine crisis on children ‘beyond devastating’, says UN

Gaza has become a “graveyard” for children with thousands now killed under Israeli bombardment, while more than a million face dire shortages of essentials and a lifetime of t ...

Gaza hospitals hanging on by a thread, alert UN humanitarians

With the Israel-Palestine crisis in its fourth week, UN aid teams on Monday (October 30, 2023) highlighted the mounting pressure on north Gaza hospitals where patients and health workers ...

Shani Louk: 23-year-old German woman, who was kidnapped and paraded naked by Hamas, found dead, confirms Israel govt

A German woman, who was kidnapped by Hamas members on October 7, has died and her body was recovered by Israeli troops in Gaza, Israel's Foreign Ministry confirmed on Monday.

Israel-Palestine crisis has ‘reached an unprecedented level of dehumanisation’, says Independent rights expert

The crisis sparked by the Hamas terrorist attack and ongoing Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip is a "political and humanitarian catastrophe of epic proportions” said the UN&rsq ...

Avoiding human rights catastrophe: Islamabad urged to halt Afghan deportations

Pakistan’s plan to deport “undocumented” foreign nationals will disproportionately affect more than 1.4 million Afghans in the country, the UN human rights office, OHCHR ...