Beijing: A 15-year-old LGBT Centre in Beijing has stopped its operation without even stating the reason behind it. more
Prisoners inside China's detention camps are constantly subjected to violence

Xinjiang: Ovalbek Turdakun was held captive as a prisoner in one of China's renowned detention facilities for ten months in 2018.

Beijing restricts use of Tibetan language on learning apps, streaming services

Beijing: The Chinese authorities continue their dominance over the Tibetan minority and as per the new step taken by the nation the administration has imposed restrictions on use of the T ...

Beijing Olympics to begin amid atrocity crimes: HRW

Beijing: The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics will open amid atrocity crimes and other grave human rights violations by the Chinese government, 243 nongovernmental organizations from around t ...

China sanctions Belgian lawmaker for motion which alerts about genocide risk against Xinjiang Uygurs

Beijing: Beijing has sanctioned a Belgian lawmaker who called for a proposal warning of a risk of genocide against Uygur Muslims in Xinjiang, a region which has always triggered internati ...

China is witnessing global resistance to deepening repression: Human Rights Watch

The Chinese government’s heightened repression in Hong Kong and Xinjiang are emblematic of the worsening human rights situation under President Xi Jinping, Human Rights Watch said i ...

China delays Australian writer Yang Hengjun’s espionage trial for three months

China delays Australian writer Yang Hengjun’s espionage trial for three months

Beijing Games: Olympic Committee accused of ignoring human rights

Washington: A coalition of ethnic minorities in China has accused the International Olympic Committee of ignoring widespread human rights abuses as the nation is gearing up to host the 20 ...

Beijing jails Tibetan singer for criticising Chinese policies in latest song

Beijing: A Tibetan singer has been jailed for six years by authorities in Beijing for criticising China's repressive policies in his songs.

Beijing is carrying out 'cultural genocide' in Xinjiang

Beijing: China is carrying out a 'cultural genocide' in Xinjiang region where thousands of people are believed to be kept in concentration camps, according to an article in The At ...