WFP is seeking $26.3 million to assist one million Afghans forced to leave Pakistan following the Government’s decision to deport undocumented foreigners. more
Afghanistan Refugees: UNHCR expresses concern over adverse effects of Pakistan's orders for undocumented foreigners to leave

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is raising concerns over Pakistan’s announcement for undocumented foreigners to leave, as the orders have adversely affected Afghan nationals including ...

Some Pakistani civil society activists demand Pakistan to stop forceful deportation of Afghanistan refugees

Some civil society activists are demanding Pakistan stop the forceful deportation of Afghan refugees from the south Asian nation.

Returning Afghan refugees complaint of mistreatment by Iran security forces

Several Afghan refugees, who have returned to the country from Iran, have complained of mistreatment by the country's military.

Pakistan expels more than 3,000 Afghan refugees

Pakistan has expelled over 3000 Afghanistan refugees from the country.

Human rights experts urge Pakistan to stop planned mass deportation of Afghans

Pakistan should immediately cancel plans to deport 1.4 million Afghan nationals back to their country, independent experts appointed by the UN Human Rights Council urged on Tuesday.

UN agencies asks Pakistan to protect Afghan refugees

Following Pakistan’s announcement to repatriate Afghan nationals, the UN’s refugee and migration agencies together appealed to Islamabad on Saturday to continue protecting tho ...

Afghanistan's Islamabad embassy asks Pakistan to stop arresting refugees

Islamabad: The Afghanistan embassy in Islamabad on Friday urged the Pakistani government not to detain its refugees any further.

Canada: Over 30,000 Afghan refugees arrive with IOM’s support

New York: The arrival of a charter flight in Toronto on Wednesday marked the successful departure to Canada of more than 30,000 Afghan refugees with the assistance of the International Or ...

Pakistan: Smartcard registration drive for Afghan refugees ends

New York: The first drive to verify data relating to around 1.4 million Afghan refugees on the move over past decade in Pakistan has been concluded, the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) said on ...