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Five-year-old Kansas girl raped, murdered, key suspect arrested

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Five-year-old Kansas girl raped, murdered, key suspect arrested US

Five-year-old girl raped and murdered in US. Photo Courtesy: Pixabay

A five-year-old girl from US city of Kansas was recently raped and murdered at a homeless campsite after she was thrown out of the home by her mother, media reports said.

Zoey Felix was found at a gas station with life-threatening injuries on Monday, according to the Topeka Police Department, reported New York Post.

She was rushed to a hospital where she was declared dead.

The key suspect in the incident,  Mickel W. Cherry, 25, was arrested and charged with murder and rape of a victim less than 14.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Cherry remains behind bars on a $2 million bond, reported WIBW.

The neighbours claim the child’s mother kicked them all to the curb about two weeks ago, forcing them to live at a campsite about a mile away, according to the Topeka Capital-Journal as quoted by New York Post.

Zoey had a turbulent life at home, according to neighbours, who often saw the young girl running around unsupervised.

Her community worked together to help keep her bathed, clothed, and fed, neighbours said.

They said she didn’t attend school.

Police Chief Bryan Wheeles would not confirm whether authorities had any prior contact with the family. He also would not comment on their relationship with the suspect.

“The information and all the investigative evidence will be compiled and sent to the district attorney’s office for a formalized criminal charging decision,” Wheeles was quoted as saying by WIBW in an interview Tuesday morning, Oct. 3. “And at that point, then additional information can be released.”

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