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Most people in the world do not use TikTok for extremist purposes, but some content, originally published there, becomes viral, Robin Simcox, Commissioner for Countering Extremism at the United Kingdom Home Office, said on Thursday. more
British government to ban entry of 'hate preachers' from Pakistan, other nations amid rise in extremism

The UK government is planning to bar hate preachers from countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Indonesia from entering the country.

France shuts down Allonnes mosque for promoting 'radical Islamism', plans to close 7 more: Turkish news agency

Paris/Ankara (JEN): France has announced a six-month-closure of a mosque in the northwestern city of Allonnes for allegedly defending extremist thoughts, according to Turkish state-run An ...

'Uprisings by extremist groups in Muslim countries or outside is an ongoing enterprise'

Journalist Zahid Arab has described uprisings by extremist groups in Muslim countries or outside as an ongoing enterprise.