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Over 150 riders participated in CapitalVia’s two-wheeler Helmet Awareness Rally

22 Feb 2015, 04:18 pm Print

Over 150 riders participated in CapitalVia’s two-wheeler Helmet Awareness Rally
Indore, Feb 21 (JEN): The issue of road accidents and the number of people losing their lives in these accidents is becoming serious with each passing day. CapitalVia Global Research Limited has always looked forward in giving back to the society by such awareness campaigns.

CapitalVia on Saturday organized a Helmet Awareness Rally in the city (Indore) as part of its road safety campaign. Nearly 150 two-wheelers participated to catch and educate the masses to follow traffic rules and importance of wearing helmet, to ensure safety. 

As we know that wearing helmet can avoid many life-threatening injuries; the authorities need to make sure that the people comply with this utmost safety rule of wearing helmets.

The employees of CapitalVia shouted slogans on safety measures while driving on the road. The rally began from the Vijay Nagar, Front Ground, NRK Business Park at 11:30 AM and crossed parts of Radisson Square, Malaviya Nagar Square, Sahastrarjun Square, Bengali Square, Pipliyahana Square, Shivaji Square, Madhumilan Square, Regal Square, Palasia Square and L.I.G. Square.

Speaking on the occasion, Rohit Gadia, Founder & CEO, CapitalVia Global Research Limited said “Most accidents occurring on the roads were due to human error that vehicle drivers should be cautious while driving to do away with the chance of error, which would eventually cut chances of accidents and save lives. Following safety rules are of utmost importance when it comes to road accidents, which are on a rise. It is must to let people know the importance of wearing helmets while driving the two wheelers hence to create the awareness across, CapitalVia has taken an initiative to organize two-wheeler Rally for helmet awareness and we are confident that people will hear us and will make this initiative a huge success”.

The entire event was conducted with the support of honorable Traffic Policy Authority and Police Station In-charge Vijay Nagar along with associated Aqua Partner - Purelife, Food Sponsor -WOW Vada Pav and Health Care Partner - CHL Hospital.