State of Health
Long-term exposure to current levels of UK air pollution is associated with an annual increase of up to 22 minutes of sedentary time each day, in a study published in the Journal of Public Health. more
Study claims disrupted sleep may be linked to memory and thinking problems

People who have more disrupted sleep in their 30s and 40s may be more likely to have memory and thinking problems a decade later, according to new research published in the January 3, 202 ...

WHO warns COVID-19 infections are rising fast globally

The UN health agency WHO confirmed on Friday that coronavirus numbers are spiking globally and that we “should expect more cases” in the coming winter months in the northern h ...

Study suggests you need to combine mindfulness with exercise for mental health boost in 2024

For people looking to start 2024 with a new routine to feel fitter and happier, a new study from the University of Bath suggests that combining mindfulness with exercise could be your key ...

Pattern of alcohol intake more accurate indicator of liver disease risk than overall consumption: Study

Those who binge drink and have a certain genetic makeup are six times more likely to develop alcohol-related cirrhosis, according to new research from UCL, the Royal Free Hospital, the Un ...

Single-use e-cigarette batteries causing vast amount of wastes: Study

The study, published in Joule, highlights a growing environmental threat from these increasingly popular vape pens, which are not designed to be recharged.

Polio virus detected in environmental samples in parts of Pakistan

Polio virus has been detected in environmental samples from two districts in different parts of Pakistan, the country's health ministry said.

Study reveals ongoing brain injury caused by COVID-19 may not always be detected by routine tests

A new study published December 22 in Nature Communications details that markers of brain injury are present in the blood many months after COVID-19 infection, despite inflammation blood t ...

WHO alerts dengue spike fuels concerns of public health threat in previously untouched countries

This year's surprising spike in dengue infections globally represents a potentially high public health threat, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) said on Friday.

Vietnam: Six monkey pox victims die

Ten southern localities of Vietnam have reported 117 monkey pox cases, including six deaths, according to the Institute Pasteur in Ho Chi Minh City on Friday.