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China: Current Covid infections feature low prevalence level, mild symptoms

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 28 May 2023, 04:24 am Print

China: Current Covid infections feature low prevalence level, mild symptoms China COVID19


Beijing: The overall Covid-19 infections in China have entered a low prevalence level since mid-May, and the vast majority of Covid patients show mild symptoms, medical experts said.

Despite a recent increase, the total amount of fever clinic patients is far less than that during the peak of the previous infection wave, and most of the patients only have mild symptoms, said Wang Liping, a researcher with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China CDC).

Wang said infections caused by the XBB subvariants of Omicron will continue to exist for some time, but the overall situation is stable and under control, with little impact on the normal operation of medical services and the whole society.

Another China CDC researcher Chen Cao noted that according to monitoring data, the XBB subvariants are now the predominant COVID-19 strains in both imported and local infections, with no significant change in pathogenicity.

Underpinned by China's multi-channel monitoring and early warning system, disease control authorities across the country will take effective response measures if any signal of new risks is detected, said Chen.

In general, reinfected COVID-19 patients show milder symptoms than their first infection, said Li Tongzeng, a chief doctor with the Department of Respiratory and Infectious Diseases at Beijing Youan Hospital, Capital Medical University.

Clinical data shows that most reinfected people have a mild sore throat and can break a fever more quickly, with their symptoms lasting three to five days, said Li.

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