Beijing/Kabul: China is currently working to manage Afghanistan's foreign relations in a bid to help the Taliban-ruled country to escape its current state of isolation on the world stage, media reports said. more
Beijing hints it may recognise Taliban as legitimate Afghanistan government ‘when conditions are ripe’

Kabul/Beijing: Beijing has given a strong backing to the Taliban government in Afghanistan and stated that recognition of the group as the legitimate government of the war-torn nation wou ...

British officials discuss humanitarian crisis situation in Afghanistan with Taliban representatives

Kabul: British officials held talks with Taliban representatives in Afghanistan on the current humanitarian crisis situation in the country.

Turkey asks Taliban delegation to form inclusive govt in Afghanistan

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has asked a delegation of Afghanistan's Taliban regime to form an inclusive government in the country.

US says talks with Taliban in Qatar remained 'candid'

Washington: The US Statedepartment on Sunday said talks between the American delegation and Taliban in Doha was 'candid and professional'.

Afghanistan Crisis: US, Taliban representatives hold first talks since withdrawal

Doha: US officials on Saturday met members of Afghanistan's ruling Taliban government in Qatar for the first time ever since the foreign forces left the nation in August.

Qatar's Deputy Foreign Minister says international community should not hurry to recognize Taliban govt in Afghanistan

Qatar's Deputy Foreign Minister Lolwah Rashid al-Khater has said the international community should not be in a hurry to recognize the Taliban government of Afghanistan.

At UN, Pakistan Prime Minister urges ‘bold steps’ to prevent humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

New York: Against the backdrop of what he called “a critical time” in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan said on Friday that if the situation there is neglecte ...

China asked US to 'guide' Taliban amid fears of Uyghur separatists regrouping in Afghanistan

Afraid that the absence of security forces in Afghanistan might give an open ground to anti-Beijing elements to regroup in the region, China urged a top American diplomat in late August t ...

China urges US to unfreeze Afghanistan assets, thanks Taliban for assurance on Beijing's investments

Beijing: China on Wednesday called on the United States to unfreeze assets belonging to Afghanistan, and thanked the Taliban-controlled government for guaranteeing the security of Chinese ...