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Bodies of three hostages, who were taken away by Hamas terrorists, have been recovered by Israeli Defense Forces from Jabalya city in northern Gaza. more
Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz threatens to quit, gives June 8 Gaza ultimatum to PM Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli war cabinet minister Benny Gantz has warned he will resign unless Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sets out a post-war plan for the Gaza Strip, media reports said.

IDF claims bodies of three hostages recovered from Gaza strip

The Israel Defense Forces on Friday said the bodies of three hostages have been recovered from the Gaza strip.

UN chief Antonio Guterres repeats call to Israel to halt Rafah assault as aid stocks dwindle

UN chief António Guterres reiterated his warning on Thursday against a full-scale assault on Rafah, just as aid teams issued increasingly urgent appeals for safe passage throughout ...

450,000 Gazans now uprooted from Rafah as Israeli bombardment continues

Large parts of the city of Rafah are now a “ghost town”, with UN humanitarians reporting on Tuesday that some 450,000 Gazans have been forcibly displaced from the southernmost ...

Palestine-Israel conflict: Indian UN staffer killed in Rafah, Antonio Guterres calls for full investigation

An Indian national, who was working with the United Nations, was killed in Gaza when the vehicle in which he was travelling, came under attack in Rafah as the ongoing conflict between Isr ...

Israel-Palestine crisis: Intense battle continues in Gaza, IDF attacks Hamas members

Deploying tank fire, artillery and airstrikes against Hamas, Israeli forces are continuing their offensive across Gaza, marking one of the intense phases of the ongoing conflict.

UNRWA staff ‘not going anywhere’ despite forced closure of East Jerusalem compound

Two arson attacks and growing protests forced UN Palestine refugee agency UNRWA to temporarily close its office in East Jerusalem this week, but its vital work will continue as war rages ...

Israel- Gaza crisis: As exodus from Rafah continues, UN urges reopening of aid lines

With no let-up in the Israeli military operation in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah into Friday and reports that hospitals there have begun emptying of patients and staff, UN huma ...

Palestine conflict: Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel can stand alone if US halts arms shipments

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu said his nation can 'stand-alone' after the US warned that it could halt arms shipments if a full-scale invasion of Rafah is ordered by the government ...