Global Headlines
The Australian Cyber Security Centre has alleged that cyber security firms backed by Chinese authorities stole passwords and usernames from unnamed Australian networks in 2022. more
Cybersecurity firm claims China-backed hackers increased attack on Taiwan

A suspected China-backed hacking group has stepped up attacks on organisations in Taiwan, media reports said.

Google Threat Intelligence plans to use Gemini AI against hacking, other cyberattacks

California/IBNS: Google is planning to point artificial intelligence (AI) to cybersecurity and make threat reports easier to read.

Streaming service provider Roku says cyberattack breached 576000 accounts

Streaming service provider Roku on Friday said a cyberattack has compromised about 576,000 accounts.

National carrier Biman Bangladesh employees facing 'salary delays' due to cyber attack: Reports

Dhaka: Biman Bangladesh Airlines, which is the national carrier of the country, is currently facing delays in the disbursement of salaries to its employees due to an alleged cyber attack ...

Japan suspects Chinese military behind cyber attacks on JAXA, research agencies: Reports

Tokyo/Sputnik: Japan's police suspect the Chinese armed forces of commissioning large-scale cyber attacks against 200 defense-related companies and research institutions, including Ja ...

WHO reports fivefold increase in cyber attacks, urges vigilance

Geneva : Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, WHO has seen a dramatic increase in the number of cyber attacks directed at its staff, and email scams targeting the public at large.