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Islamabad: In efforts to boost trade and manage a balance of payments crisis, Pakistan has implemented Business-to-Business Barter Trade Mechanism to allow barter trade with Russia, Iran and Afghanistan, according to Pakistan's Ministry of Commerce. more
Myanmar courts Russia, but raises tensions with Bangladesh

Naypyidaw: Myanmar may be another nation wanting to de-dollarise its economy.

Russia retaliates against Western sanctions with export bans: Report

Moscow (JEN): Russia has retalited to the western sanctions to isolate it for invading Ukraine by imposing export bans on a host of products until the end of 2022, BBC reported.

China-backed AIIB freezes lending to Russia and Belarus: Report

Beijing: The China-based Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) said it has suspended activities relating to Russia and Belarus until further review, media reports said.

Russia-Ukraine War: EU removes Russian banks from SWIFT, bans RT, Sputnik

Brussels: In yet another wave of measures to isolate Russia and choke its international money flow, the European Union (EU) on Wednesday blocked seven Russian banks from the SWIFT payment ...

Pakistan: Russian gas line project stands in jeopardy

Islamabad:  Pakistan Stream Gas Pipeline (PSGP), also known as North-South Gas Pipeline, is finding a tough situation as the Petroleum Division has started finalizing an alternate ga ...