Nangarhar, Oct 19 (JEN): At least five militants have died in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province after the ISIS and Taliban faithfuls engaged in a gun battle, local Khaama Press reported. more
Afghan army and Taliban suffer heavy casualties in Kandahar base attack

Kabul, Oct 19 (JEN): The Afghan army and Taliban insurgents have suffered heavy casualties in a coordinated attack by the Taliban insurgents on an army base in southern Kandahar province of ...

Afghanistan: Grenade attack kills one in Kabul

Kabul, Oct 18 (JEN): At least one person was killed and three others were hurt in a grenade attack in Kabul city of Afghanistan, reports said.

Afghanistan: US drone strike kills 2 Taliban leaders

Bati Kot, Nangarhar, Oct 18 (JEN): Drone strike carried out by the US troops accounted for two Taliban leaders in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, local Khaama Press said.

Afghanistan: Airstrike kills at least four ISIS militants in Nangarhar

Achin, Nangarhar, Oct 9 (JEN): At least four Islamic State militants have been killed in an airstrike in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, local Khaama Press reported.

Afghanistan: ISIS beheads two civilians on espionage charges

Kabul, Sep 15 (JEN): The militants of Islamic State in Afghanistan have beheaded two civilians on espionage charges, local Khaama Press reported.

Afghanistan: US airstrike kills at least 11 insurgents in Nangarhar province

Kabul, Sep 9 (JEN): At least 11 insurgents were killed in a drone strike conducted by the US Army in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province, reports said.

Afghanistan: Suicide bombing near US base injures at least four

Kabul, Sep 7 (JEN): A suicide bombing near the US base in Afghanistan's Bagram left at least four injured, local Khaama Press reported.

ISIS-K kills two Afghan soldiers for serving in the military

Kabul, Sep 6 (JEN): The ISIS-K has executed two brothers for serving in the national army, reports said.

Afghanistan: Airstrikes in Helmand Taliban bases account for 25 casualties

Kabul, Sep 5 (JEN): Military airstrikes by the Afghan soldiers in the country's Helmand province targeting Taliban bases accounted for at least 25 casualties, local Khaama Press reported.