Rights / Gender
Melbourne, Aug 5 (JEN): A marriage has its pros and cons, but above all it grants one extended legal rights, which can act as an advantage at certain times, as gay Australians feel. more
ISHQ 104.8 FM launches Gaydio, India's first LGBTQ radio show

Kolkata, Jul 19 (JEN): Time has changed, so has radio and its antique ways.

Indonesia and Gay rights: As open as never

New Delhi, Jul 6 (JEN): Indonesia keeps on hogging the limelight, apparently for the same reason, Gay rights.

Malta to legalise gay marriages

Valletta, Jul 3 (JEN): A leader in gay rights in Europe, Malta, a Catholic major nation, is about to legalise same-sex marriages in the country, reports said.

Germany legalises gay marriage, allows couples to adopt children

Berlin, Jun 30 (JEN): The LGBTQ community in Germany took to the streets to celebrate a landmark ruling in their favour as the country legalised same-sex marriages and also bestowed them wit ...

It's all about Inclusivity in Pride Toronto 2017

Toronto, Jun 27 (JEN): Canada’s largest Pride parade -- with multi-coloured streamers and Canadian flags hung from balconies along the parade route -- led by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ...

2017: Year of the LGBTQ politics?

New Delhi, Jun 19 (JEN): In March, earlier this year, the LGBTQ community across the globe felt a sense of pain as American Artist Gilbert Baker, the creator of the Rainbow Flag, breathed hi ...

Instagram to celebrate Pride month, rolls out new stickers

California, Jun 6 (JEN): In solidarity with the LGBTQ people, image sharing app Instagram has rolled out new stickers to celebrate the Pride month.

Ireland set to have its first homosexual Indian-origin Prime Minister

Dublin, Jun 3 (JEN): Ireland is set to have its first gay taoiseach (Prime Minister), after he was voted leader of the Fine Gael party, reports said.

Toronto Mayor favours continued funding for "Pride Toronto" LGBTQ march

Toronto, May 9 (IBNS/JEN): Pride Toronto, a not-for-profit organisation which celebrates Pride Toronto Parade (PTP), a ten-day event during the end of June each year to celebrate the diversi ...