Washington: Earlier this week, NASA’s Kepler team received an indication that the spacecraft fuel tank is running very low. more
Canada: Heat wave in Quebec kills 33 people

Quebec City/Montreal: The prevailing heat wave in central and eastern Canada led to the death of at least 33 people in Quebec, media reports said.

ISRO carries out technology demonstration to qualify Crew Escape System

New Delhi: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has carried out a major technology demonstration, the first in a series of tests to qualify a Crew Escape System, which is a criti ...

NASA's NuSTAR Mission proves superstar Eta Carinae shoots cosmic rays

Washington: A new study using data from NASA’s NuSTAR space telescope suggests that Eta Carinae, the most luminous and massive stellar system within 10,000 light-years, is accelerat ...

Mount Agung in Bali active again, airports shut

Denpasar: Friday saw a lot of tourists stranded in Bali as the international airport was shut after a volcanic eruption resulted in ash and smoke in the sky, according to officials.

ISRO scientists discover a sub-Saturn like planet around a Sun-like star

Bengaluru: A Team of scientists and engineers led by Prof. Abhijit Chakraborty of Physical Research Laboratory (PRL), Ahmedabad, have discovered a sub-Saturn or super-Neptune size planet ...

Rising CO2 may increase dangerous weather extremes, whatever happens to global temperatures

London: New research from the University of Oxford and collaborators at several other institutions provides compelling evidence that meeting the global warming target of 1.5°C may not ...

On World Day to Combat Desertification, UN shines spotlight on ‘true value’ of land

New York, June 17 (IBNS): Land is not a limitless resource and ignoring its role in our everyday lives threatens food and water supplies, biodiversity and the security of us all, the Unit ...

6.1 earthquake hits Japan, 3 die

Osaka: An earthquake measuring 6.1 on the Richter Scale hit  Osaka and other parts of western Japan on Monday, leaving at least three people dead, media reports said.

World overwhelmingly commits to protecting the oceans and Clean Seas

Nairobi: On this World Ocean Day, nations are showing an unprecedented commitment to healthy, thriving oceans and seas, free from plastic pollution.