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American Senator calls for banning Chinese electric vehicles

Just Earth News | @justearthnews | 12 Apr 2024

American Senator calls for banning Chinese electric vehicles

Photo Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has asked the government to ban Chinese-made electric vehicles to protect Ohio autoworkers, and to combat the economic and national security threats posed by Chinese automakers.

In a letter to President Biden, the senator warned that Chinese cars, made by companies controlled and subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party, present an existential threat to the American auto industry, and that tariffs alone are insufficient to stop a government-orchestrated attack on an entire sector of our economy.

“Chinese electric vehicles are an existential threat to the American auto industry. Ohio knows all too well how China illegally subsidizes its companies, putting our workers out of jobs and undermining entire industries, from steel to solar manufacturing. We cannot allow China to bring its government-backed cheating to the American auto industry. The U.S. must ban Chinese electric vehicles now, and stop a flood of Chinese government-subsidized cars that threaten Ohio auto jobs, and our national and economic security,” said Brown as quoted by a statement released by him.

Brown warned in the letter that the level of government subsidization in the Chinese auto industry would make it impossible for American automakers and autoworkers to compete on a level playing field, and would also decimate the United Autoworkers and the union’s ability to raise wages and benefits for workers across the auto sector. Chinese electric vehicles also pose a national security risk, given the technology involved in EVs and the potential for the Chinese government to gain access to large amounts of data through these cars.

Brown introduced the bipartisan Leveling the Playing Field 2.0 Act to strengthen U.S. trade remedy laws and ensure they remain effective tools to fight back against unfair trade practices and protect American workers.

In January Brown called on the Biden Administration to increase tariffs on Chinese solar imports threatening American solar manufacturing jobs, including in Ohio at companies like First Solar in Toledo.

In May of 2023, Brown led his Senate colleagues in voting to reinstate duties on illegally dumped Chinese solar panels.

Brown led the successful opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which had weaker auto rules of origin than NAFTA and would have been devastating for the Ohio industry, the statement said.