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New Delhi: Buddhist spiritual leader and Nobel Peace laureate Dalai Lama, who is an inspiration to countless followers across the globe, has triggered a controversy when he said that if a women succeeds him then she needs to be 'attractive'. more
Teenage Hindu girl allegedly intoxicated, raped in Pakistan, 2 arrested

Islamabad: In a shocking incident, a Pakistani Hindu girl was intoxicated and raped by two men in Tando Mohammad Khan area on Friday, media reports said.  

Fear lingers on as ISIS tracks down its escaped sex-slaves abroad

Nadia Murad was abducted along with other Yazidi women in August 2014 when their village of Kocho in Sinjar, northern Iraq, was attacked by ISIS.

Female African coders ‘on the front-line of the battle’ to change gender power relations: UN chief

New York: Young female African coders are “on the front-line” of the battle to change traditionally male power relations and bring about a more equitable balance between men a ...

More women and girls needed in the sciences to solve world’s biggest challenges

New York: Many of the world’s biggest problems may be going unsolved because too many women and girls are being discouraged from the sciences.

Priests, bishops sexually abused nuns, admits Pope Francis

Vatican City: Pope Francis has admitted that Catholic priests and bishops had sexually abused nuns in a latest scandal which has been alleged, media reports said.

Canadians to march across the country against women violence

Ottawa: Thousands of Canadians will march across the country to protest against women violence, media reports said.

Saudi woman seeking asylum in Thailand ‘now in a secure place’ says UNHCR

New York: The UN refugee agency, UNHCR, said on Monday that 18-year-old Saudi national Rahaf Mohammed Al-qunun, who had been stranded at Bangkok airport after fleeing her family in Kuwait ...

Saudi teenager Rahaf al-Qunun ends Thai airport hotel standoff

Bangkok: A Saudi teenaged woman who had barricaded herself in a Thailand airport hotel room after she claimed she fled her abusive family, left the Bangkok airport 'under the care of& ...

Human Rights Watch urges Thailand authorities to halt deportation of Saudi woman

Bangkok: Thailand authorities should immediately halt the planned deportation of a Saudi woman who says she is fleeing domestic abuse and fears for her safety if forcibly returned to Saud ...