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Amsterdam: The Dutch parliament on Tuesday passed a law that imposed a partial ban on the wearing of the Islamic clothing-the burqa and the niqab-in public transports, schools, hospitals and government buildings. more
Outrage and dismissal follow "perception-driven" Reuters Foundation report ranking India as most unsafe for women

New Delhi: Outrage and distrust followed a report by Thomson Reuters Foundation which in a survey- admittedly based on perception and not scientific data- ranked India as the worst place ...

As Saudi women take the wheel, UN chief hopes end of driving ban creates more opportunities for kingdom’s women and girls

New York: United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has welcomed the lifting on Sunday of the driving ban for women in Saudi Arabia and expressed his hope that ending the p ...

Saudi Arabia's driving ban lifted, women drive on streets

Jeddah: Saudi Arabia witnessed a history on Sunday when women in the nation were allowed to drive, ending an age-old driving ban on the eves.

Stigmatized, shunned and shamed, International Widows’ Day draws attention to their unique needs

New York: The loss of a spouse or partner is often devastating, but for many women it is magnified by a “long-term struggle” for basic needs, human rights and dignity, accordi ...

Women's rights face global pushback from conservativism, fundamentalism – UN experts warn

New York: Women’s rights are under threat from a “backlash” of conservatism and fundamentalism around the world, a United Nation panel warned on Friday.

#MeToo wave hits Australia, country to launch nationwide probe on workplace harassment

Canberra: The #MeToo movement, which has been successful in galvanising countries across the globe for months now, has finally reached Australian shores.

‘Spotlight Initiative’ can make violence against women a thing of the past, says UN deputy chief

New York: The launch of a new partnership between the United Nations and European Union, is an essential tool to make violence against women and girls “a thing of the past”, s ...

Children ‘as young as one’ involved in US separation of migrant families – UN rights office

New York: The current policy in the United States of separating “extremely young children” from their asylum-seeker or migrant parents along the country’s southern borde ...

Denmark says no to burqa and niqab in public spaces

Copenhagen: Denmark has become the latest European nation to pass a law that effectively bans certain face coverings, including the burqa and niqab, from August 1, reports said on Thursda ...