Pyongyang, Aug 30 (JEN): Warning that Tuesday's missile launch over Japan was a "meaningful prelude to containing" the US Pacific territory of Guam, North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un has said that his regime would conduct more ballistic missile tests, media reports said. more
Trump warns North Korea of 'big trouble' if it acts 'unwisely'

Washington/Pyongyang, Aug 12 (JEN): The US and North Korea may not have engaged their troops yet, but the full blown war-of-words is exacerbating the already fragile relationship.

N Korea considering missile strike on Guam after Trump's 'fire and fury' statement

Pyongyang/Washington, Aug 9 (JEN): The North Korea-United States of America 'war-of-words' is at a tipping point now, with both countries threatening to inflict pain on each other.