Beijing, Sep 29 (JEN): Following up on its textile ban and limiting oil exports, China has ordered North Korean companies plying trade in the mainland to close, reports said. more
Following UN sanctions, China moves to limit trade with N Korea

Beijing/Pyongyang, Sep 23 (JEN): In a major blow to North Korea, its only ally, China, has decided to limit trade with the former, following fresh sanction from the United Nations, according ...

Kim promises to make 'dotard' Trump pay dearly

Pyongyang, Sep 22 (JEN): Hours after US President Donald Trump's hard hitting speech at the UN about North Korea, where he ridiculed Kim Jong-un, the country's leader, the latter has promise ...

China remains persistent in denuclearizing Korean Peninsula: President Xi Jinping

Beijing, Sep 7 (JEN): During a telephonic conversation with US President Donald Trump, Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that his country remained persistent on the denuclearization of t ...

Military action not first choice against North Korea: Donald Trump

Washington, Sep 7 (JEN): US President Donald Trump on Wednesday said that military action was not his'first choice' against North Korea.

North Korea nuclear test: China slams Trump over 'stopping trade' remark

Beijing, Sep 4 (JEN): Chinese authorities have slammed US President Donald Trump over this 'trade threat' to North Korea and its allies, media reports said.

Does N Korea have advanced nuclear weapons?

Pyongyang, Sep 3 (JEN): A latest picture circulated by the North Korean state-run media showed leader Kim Jong-un inspecting what is claimed as a Hydrogen Bomb, raising the million dollar qu ...

LeT’s anti-India propaganda continues despite Pakistan’s ‘crackdown’

Washington, Aug 23 (JEN): When US President Donald Trump this week chastised Pakistan once again for being a 'safe haven' for terrorists, the country that felt most vindicated is no other th ...

Trump warns North Korea of 'big trouble' if it acts 'unwisely'

Washington/Pyongyang, Aug 12 (JEN): The US and North Korea may not have engaged their troops yet, but the full blown war-of-words is exacerbating the already fragile relationship.

Trump not ruling out military action to settle Venezuela crisis

Washington, Aug 12 (JEN): US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he is not ruling out military action to settle the Venezuelan crisis, reports said.