Kabul: Over 40,000 combatants and civilians have been killed in conflict-hit Afghanistan in 2018, as per Crisis Group. more
Pakistan doesn't do a damn thing for us: Donald Trump

Washington: US President Donald Trump has once again attacked Pakistan holding that the South Asian nation does not do  'anything' for America and even helped terrorist Osama ...

California: Shooting at music bar in Thousand Oaks claims 13 lives

 A shooting inside a music bar at Thousand Oaks in California in the United States claimed 13 lives, media reports said.

US midterm polls: Democrats gain control in House of Representatives, Republicans hold Senate

Washington: In a setback for US President Donald Trump, the Democrats are making their way to gain control in the House of Representatives as the results of the US midterm polls are pouri ...

US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley resigns

Washington: In a shock move, the US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, has resigned.

Chinese national arrested in Chicago for spying

Chicago: Police in US' Chicago city have arrested a Chinese national for allegedly spying on engineers and scientists on behalf of his country.

Russian woman arrested for allegedly spying on the US

Washington: A 29-year old Russian woman has been charged by the US Government with spying after she intruded into political groups.

North Korea still building at its nuclear site: 38 North

Washington: Despite declaring a denuclearisation of the Peninsula during the recently held summit in Singapore, North Korea is still carrying out rapid improvements to its nuclear researc ...

Pakistan can do more to help us in Afghanistan: Pentagon

Washington: The US has said that it believes Pakistan has more oppurtunities to fight terrorism and help to ensure stability in Afghanistan.

US leaders condole loss of lives in Toronto van attack

New York/Washington/Toronto: The United States (US) on Tuesday stood beside people of Canada at a time the country witnessed a massacre as a white van mounted the kerb and struck several ...