Washington: US President Donald Trump on Saturday directed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to cancel his trip to North Korea. more
Hush money: Is Trump contradicting himself?

Washington: Denying an account by his former lawyer Michael Cohen pertaining to 'hush money', US President Donald Trump has said that it was him who paid the two women he had an a ...

Former Trump campaign chief Manafort found guilty of fraud charges; US President alleges foul play

Washington: A court in the USA has found former campaign chief of American President Donald Trump guilty of multiple fraud charges, prompting the latter to allege foul play.

#EnemyOfNone: Over 300 US news organisations to launch free press campaign on Thursday

Washington: Condemning US President Donald Trump's attacks on American media houses, over 300 such organisations will launch a free press campaign on Thursday.

New tape suggests Trump not aware of things going on inside White House

Washington: A new tape, recorded secretly, has suggested that the US President may not be aware of things going on inside the White House.

UN report confirms North Korea's ongoing nuclear activity

New York/Pyongyang: Days after US spy agencies told The Washington Post about North Korea's ongoing nuclear activity, a United Nations report has confirmed the same.

New York Times publisher A G Sulzberger urges Donald Trump to not call press 'enemy of the people'

New York City: Responding to US President Donald Trump's labelling of press as 'enemy of the people', New York Times publisher A G Sulzberger has urged the former to refrain f ...

Former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen says US President had prior knowledge about Russia meeting

Washington: Kicking off another controversy, former lawyer of US President Donald Trump has claimed that the latter knew about the June 2016 Russia meeting.

Russian woman arrested for allegedly spying on the US

Washington: A 29-year old Russian woman has been charged by the US Government with spying after she intruded into political groups.

Donald Trump congratulates Thailand for successfully rescuing 12 boys, coach from cave

Washington: US President Donald Trump has congratulated Thai Navy Seal and other officials who carried out a complex operation to rescue 12 boys and their coach from a Thailand cave on Tu ...