Kabul, Jun 28 (JEN): At least 10 casualties, including the death of six insurgents, were recorded following the conclusion of an airstrike, which was carried out by the Afghan military in the country's Helmand province, local Khaama Press reported. more
Venezuela: Copter attacks Supreme Court, President calls it 'terrorist attack'

Caracas, Jun 28 (JEN): The Venezuelan Supreme Court has been attacked from a hovering helicopter, irking President Nicolas Maduro, who slammed it as a 'terrorist attack', reports said.

US warns Syria not to carry another chemical attack

Washington, Jun 27 (JEN): The USA has handed out a severe warning to Syria, who they say is preparing for another chemical attack.

Will China's double-standards help Pakistan?

New Delhi, Jun 26 (JEN): Love is brewing between Pakistan and China, often painting the town red with their public-display of affection (PDA), much to the astonishment of several other natio ...

IS sympathisers hack Ohio govt sites, warn Trump

Columbus, Jun 26 (JEN): Ohio government websites were flooded with pro-IS messages after a group hacked into them, sending a message for US President Donald Trump.

China: Three Australians jailed for promoting gambling

Beijing, Jun 26 (JEN): Chinese officials have jailed three Australian men for promoting gambling in mainland China, reports said.

Tourist boat sinks, killing at least nine in Colombia

Bogota, Jun 26 (JEN): At least nine people were killed after a tourist boat sank on Sunday in Columbia's Guatape water reservoir, a popular tourist hotspot, reports said.

Chinese Foreign Minister visits Pakistan, Afghanistan

Islamabad, June 25 (JEN): At the invitation of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Foreign Minister Wang Yi of China visited Afghanistan and Pakistan from June 24 to 25.

Afghanistan President urges rebels to join peace process

Kabul, June 25 (JEN): Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani on Sunday told insurgent groups to renounce violence.

What is the Yulin Dog Meat Festival and why it needs to stop right now

New Delhi, Jun 24 (JEN): Of all the Hollywood movies ever made based on animals, '101 Dalmations' is the closest to the Yulin Lychee and Dog Meat Festival.