Organizational Development and Management Consultant

Organization Name: SEAOHUN Secretariat
Location: Thailand
Apply email: Not Specified
Start Date: 25-February-2018
Closing Date: 14-March-2018


Organizational Development and Management Consultancy


Established in 2011 with the support of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Southeast Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) is a consortium of 10 founding universities and 14 faculties in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam that are collaborating to build One Health capacity and academic partnerships with government, national, and regional stakeholders in the Southeast Asia region. SEAOHUN’s vision is to empower a regional network of social and intellectual excellence on One health working to reduce infectious and zoonotic diseases. SEAOHUN’s mission is to link and empower a regional network of academic partnerships with government, national and regional stakeholders in Southeast Asia to generate social and intellectual capital on One Health against infectious and zoonotic diseases.

In 2012, the SEAOHUN agreed to establish a foundation to support and assure the long-term sustainability of the Network. SEAOHUN is registered as a Foundation in Thailand with two governing Boards and its secretariat office located at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. The Executive Board comprises of 10 members – one from each founding university.  The Foundation Board comprises of 4 members – one from each founding country. The Foundation Board oversees and fulfills the Secretariat’s legal status and requirements in Thailand.

SEAOHUN works to enhance the student experience by facilitating teaching and learning of One Health approaches to prevent and address outbreaks of zoonotic and emerging infectious diseases. SEAOHUN’s key function is to encourage and facilitate collaborative activities and projects among network members with an emphasis on trans-disciplinary and trans-boundary partnerships. Programming includes, but is not limited to, supporting student and staff exchange, curriculum development, strengthening and developing teaching methodologies, and developing research capacity building and innovative projects that provide evidence-based One Health data and outcomes for advocacy with government and other collaborating partner agencies.

SEAOHUN collaborates with each country network to enhance capacity of the current and future workforce in using One Health approaches to prevent, detect and respond to zoonotic and emerging infectious disease threats. The four One Health University networks (OHUNs) are 1) Indonesia One Health University Network (INDOHUN), 2) Malaysia One Health University Network (MyOHUN), 3) Thailand One Health University Network (THOHUN), and 4) Vietnam One Health University Network (VOHUN). Each county network has a National Coordinating Office (NCO) and Project Management Unit based in its country with its own governance and operating structure. In 2017, SEAOHUN consists of 62 universities, 115 faculties and government agencies from the four member countries.

SEAOHUN has successfully implemented its mission throughout the past 7 years and has recently begun to expand its operation within the Southeast Asia region (e.g., Cambodia) with a goal to cover all the ten (10) members of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In addition, SEAOHUN has also begun to seek additional donor and partner support to enable its continued geographic and programmatic expansion. However, during this growth and expansion process a number of structural and governance inefficiencies have emerged over the last several years.

The overall objective of this consultancy is to provide SEAOHUN and OHUNs with realistic and achievable organizational development and management recommendations, mechanisms, and timely action steps to modify its governance and operating structures and management in order to achieve its growth and development goals over the next 5-10 year period.

Specific Objectives
To conduct comprehensive assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of governance and operating structures and management of SEAOHUN and OHUNs, including but not limited to bylaws and organizational structure and management.
To provide recommendations on the following areas.
Whether or not to consolidate, or create a new structure of the Executive Board, Foundation Board of Directors, and/or advisory board scope, functions and members consistent with the statutory bylaws required by the Government of Thailand or another accommodating system (as proposed by the consultancy) to ensure legal operating status and sustainability.
Working relationships among the structures at the regional and national levels including how the leadership of those structures are represented in decision making, operations and management as proposed by (a).
Scope, roles and responsibilities, and appropriate delegations of authority for the key personnel as proposed by (a).
System for updating and adhering to the bylaws, including rotation of board member and officer positions, and mechanisms to ensure that the bylaws are followed.
To develop a clear strategy, timetable, and mechanisms for outreach and engagement of non-member countries in Southeast Asia to join the network.
To engage the Executive Board members and the other stakeholders to produce a transition plan and timetable to implement the recommendations suggested above. 
March 26                      Contract award and signing
March 29                      In person and/or phone briefing
April 8                           Detailed plan of work including travels and proposed questions during the visits
April –May         Meeting with SEAOHUN Secretariat, INDOHUN, MyOHUN, THOHUN, and VOHUN
June 1                          Debrief and present initial findings and recommendations
June 25                         Present refined recommendations
July 10                          Present the recommendations at the Executive Board meeting in Vietnam

Estimated timeline
Detailed plan of work including travels and proposed questions during the visits
April 8
The structures, scope, roles and responsibilities, and appropriate delegations of authority for the key personnel as proposed by the specific objective 2a. at the regional and national levels, and the strategy, timetable, and mechanisms for engagement of non-member countries in Southeast Asia.
June 17
Final report including in the deliverables #2 and transition plan and timetable to implement the recommendations
July 20

The timeframe for completion is by July 2018. Required travels for meetings and consultations with the SEAOHUN Secretariat in Chiang Mai Thailand, in addition to meetings with the stakeholders of each of the national networks in Jakarta, Indonesia; Putrajaya, Malaysia; Bangkok, Thailand; and Hanoi, Vietnam.

The consultant will report directly to the Chairperson of SEAOHUN, and Executive Director of SEAOHUN Secretariat.

Payment in tranches. Deliverable #1 (30%), #2 (40%), and #3 (30%).

An advanced degree in international development, management, organizational development, or related field
At least 7 years of proven practical experience in organizational development and management
Excellent analytical skills and ability to clearly present findings and recommendations
Experience working with international/regional organizations, and/or member countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam) is an asset
Excellent English language ability both oral and written; fluency in languages of member countries is an asset
Team leader/member(s) must demonstrate competencies in the following aspects: legal, organizational development, international development, and Southeast Asia culture

Applicants should submit the following documents to by 14 March 2018.
Letter stating how they are a suitable candidate/organization
Resume or Curriculum Vitae of proposed team members detailing experience from similar projects as well as the contact details
Technical proposal of how to carry out the required assignment
Financial proposal with breakdown costs including travels
At least three (3) professional references
Only shortlisted applicants will be informed and evaluated against their experience (20%), technical proposal (50%), and financial proposal (30%).

All inquiries regarding the TOR should be directed to Vipat Kuruchittham at

Job Email id: secretariat(at)