Paris, Oct 20 (JEN): One in every six deaths worldwide is caused due to pollution, says a new study. more
Portugal wildfire leaves 41 dead and many injured, fans political blame too

Lisbon, Oct 18 (JEN): Rain and a decline in wind speed helped firefighters in Portugal and Spain to tame the deadly wild fire raging through parts of both countries, according to media repor ...

INTERVIEW: Few global issues as urgent as tackling climate and disaster risks – UN official

New York, Oct 13(Just Earth News): Recent devastating natural events – from hurricanes in the Caribbean to floods in South Asia and earthquakes in Mexico – have again shone a spotlight o ...

California fires: Death toll climbs to 31, officials announce names of 10 victims

Napa, Oct 13 (JEN): The death toll in the northern California wildfire has risen to 31, officials said on Thursday.

At least 23 people die as northern California firestorm grows

Napa, Oct 12 (JEN): The death toll in the California firestorm incident has risen to 23 as the wildfire spread rapidly through the northern part of the state, forcing new evacuations, report ...

California fires: Death toll touches 15, over 150 missing

Napa, Oct 11 (JEN): The death toll in the deadly California fires has increased to 15, while scores of people are still missing, reports said.

Disaster risk outpaces resilience in Asia-Pacific, warns UN regional commission

New York, Oct 10(Just Earth News): Disaster risk is outpacing resilience in Asia-Pacific and putting people in this most disaster-prone region at risk of being pushed back into poverty, the ...

UN chief urges global solidarity, accelerated climate action after visit to hurricane-stricken Barbuda

New York, Oct 9(Just Earth News): Having seen first-hand the destruction wrought by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres on Saturday cal ...

UN chief lauds Dominica's vision to become first climate-resilient nation after recent devastation

New York, Oct 9(Just Earth News): United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres visited Dominica on Sunday, taking stock of the immense damage caused by Hurricane Maria last month and t ...

Storm Nate: At least 22 killed in Honduras, Costa Rica and Nicaragua

San Jose, Oct 6 (JEN): At least 22 people have been reportedly killed by Storm Nate, which pummelled parts of Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras, media reports said.